Next Generation Technology Solutions

Exceptional Outcomes

Collaboration | Expertise

Big Data Solution boosts user experience for jet engine Manufacturer

Exceptional Outcomes for Aviations

When our client required better UX and performance for their client portal, MOBIA stepped up to consolidate data and modernize the applications backend

Large Fiber-to-the-Home project connects millions for Tier 1 Telco

Exceptional Outcomes for Service Providers

MOBIA pitched in with multiple quality and safety auditing contracts, GIS services, records services and the set-up/staffing of central “fibre factories”

Healthcare Technology Transformation

Exceptional Outcomes for Healthcare

Learn how MOBIA is transforming Healthcare technology in Canada

Next Generation Technology Solutions

MOBIA isn’t your average systems integrator or IT consultancy. Our company consists of 5 practice areas that work collaboratively to deliver outcome-based technology solutions. Whether you are launching a new product or service, or modernizing an existing one, MOBIA focuses first on the business objectives of our customers and works to operationalize new technologies and processes that drive business agility and efficiency.


MOBIA Technology Innovations is a systems integrator and technology consulting firm with over 30 years of experience working with Canadian service providers, Healthcare providers and Enterprises through their technology transformations.

With an experienced executive team and professionals deployed across Canada, MOBIA delivers hardware, software and professional services with a twist — a 360° approach that lets us see the challenges from your side and deliver ahead-of-the-curve solutions that get results. That’s the MOBIA difference.

At MOBIA we use the term “trusted advisor” to describe a status we work hard to earn with our customers. These relationships are built over time by providing the right combination of products, services and, of course, strategic advice in a timely and efficient manner. Repeatedly exceeding customers’ expectations and caring about their businesses as if they are our own have been key factors in reinforcing these relationships.



Collaborate with us! Partnering with MOBIA grants you access to MOBIA Labs, our research and development centre that contains the latest in our partners technology.

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