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Telecom Infrastructure Practice

Enabling service provider business transformation

Large Fiber-to-the-Home project connects millions for Tier 1 Telco

Exceptional Outcomes for Service Providers

MOBIA pitched in with multiple quality and safety auditing contracts, GIS services, records services and the set-up/staffing of central “fibre factories”

Experts in Service Provider Modernization

MOBIA’s foundation is our deep experience and trusted relationships in the Service Provider industry. We are proud of our people and partners that have delivered diverse Telecom Infrastructure services and solution for over 30 years.

MOBIA’s Telecom Infrastructure Practice grew out of our longstanding technology partnerships with leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. We have built a reputation as a responsive and adaptable partner to large telecom operators by rapidly developing custom services to help them deploy their capital programs and reduce operating costs. MOBIA has a seasoned team with experience in each of the major wireless and wireline technology rollouts of the last two decades. We maintain a full time workforce of 150 professionals located across Canada, with the ability to scale up and down as required by our customers’ demands

Go-to-Market Specialists

We understand the telco business and the importance of launching new products and services quickly and efficiently

Business Process Experts

We are fanatical about building efficiencies into every aspect of the service provider business, from factory integrations to field deployments

Industry Leading Telco Professionals

Our team of over 100 telco professionals are located across Canada and hold a variety of industry certifications and accreditations

State-of-the-Art Integration Facilities

Our industry-leading integration and logistics facilities support some of the largest telecommunications projects in Canada

Technology Solutions for Service Providers

MOBIA has a rich heritage in the Canadian telecommunications industry serving the largest wireline and wireless operators across Canada.  We follow industry standard practices based on ETOM and Telcordia.  Our telecom practice has served as the foundation for us to launch four distinct, yet interconnected, practices aimed at adding maximum value to our customers’ legacy assets.

We help our customers plan and launch services based on “The New Style of IT”.  Operators are positioned to gain new revenues from rich services that can be provisioned from open standards cloud platforms.  MOBIA’s approach is to leverage our customers’ current assets such as extensive networks, highly available data centres, OSS and customer care platforms.  By avoiding costly forklift solutions, we allow you evolve your business rather than reinvent it.  Customers are looking for trustworthy service providers to help them become agile consumers of IT.

Capital Program Deployment

MOBIA specializes in the planning and execution of service provider capital programs, maximizing the ROI and reducing time to market. Our telecom professionals have decades of experience and a deep understanding of what is required to deploy these programs on time and under budget.

Wireline Solutions

MOBIA has been building carrier grade optical networks in Canada for the past 30 years. Specializing in managing the large capital programs associated with these builds, MOBIA has a deep understanding of the financial, organizational and technological elements that makeup successful wireline deployments.

Professional Services

A huge component of our success in the service provider space is our people. From project managers and financial analysts to access and network engineers, MOBIA's highly talented and experiences telecommunication professionals can make the difference between a completed project and a successful project.

Cellular Wireless Solutions

A leader in cellular network builds, MOBIA has been instrumental in bringing the latest cellular technology to the Canadian marketplace. From 3G to LTE and now 5G, MOBIA has the experience and expertise to execute on the largest cellular capital programs.

Data Centre Builds

With a focus on the physical components required to build today's modern Data Centres, MOBIA has a deep understanding of the power and connectivity requirements to build world class facilities. In collaboration with our Converged Infrastructure practice, MOBIA has the unique ability to design and build end-to-end Data Centre solutions

Preassembly Services

Our preassembly services are housed in MOBIA's state-of-the-art assembly facilities across Canada. From logistics to quality assurance, testing and rack-and-stack services, MOBIA preassembly services have been proven to dramatically improve fieldwork productivity and truckroll efficiency for service providers.

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