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Big Data Practice

Operationalize your enterprise data

Big Data Solution boosts user experience for jet engine Manufacturer

Exceptional Outcomes for Aviations

When our client required better UX and performance for their client portal, MOBIA stepped up to consolidate data and modernize the applications backend

Drive Business Value Out of Your Enterprise Data

Organizations contain a wealth of structured and unstructured data that is buried in existing systems. MOBIA’s Big Data Practice will unleash the power of this information so you can better understand your customers and operations while leveraging new sources of data previously impossible to access, such as social networking data sources, industrial data sources like machine data (IoT) or other internet connected devices. Consider these questions:

  • What new opportunities and insights are possible by connecting siloed and unstructured data?
  • How can Big Data help my company operate more efficiently?
  • How can I leverage Big Data for better securing my companies assets?
  • What business decisions am I missing because I don’t know what my customers and competitors are doing?
  • What opportunities are being missed because I don’t have a strategy for Social Media mining and the Internet of Things?

Big Data provides new opportunities for your organization that cannot be ignored. There are so many technologies and solutions promising a confusing set of benefits, which option is right for you?

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Business First

Big Data projects need to be more than just science experiences. We can help you identify a strong business case for accessing your corporate data

Industry Leading Experience

Our Big Data team is composed of enterprise software veterans with decades of data integration experience

IoT Ready

We focus on intelligently accessing all data sources, from the data centre to the the network's edge

Agile Practitioners

We understand the value of getting to market fast and iterating as those market demands change

GE Digital Alliance Partner

MOBIA has partnered with GE Digital to bring GE’s Predix cloud platform to market


Data Integration Solutions

With Big Data there are no “Silver Bullet” solutions.  We recognize that to be successful with your Big Data strategy, you need a diverse team to navigate through the challenges. MOBIA’s senior team is ready to be your partner through the journey.

Systems Integration Services

Our team has built a business on understanding how complex software systems interact with one another. Whether integrating multiple vendors' software solutions, or custom software projects, MOBIA is the right partner for your software integration project

Data Analytics

Data only provides valuable insight if it can be effectively interpreted. We work with our clients to build intuitive interfaces and reporting functionality into their enterprise data. Going a step further, our data science services can enable next-gen capabilities around predictive analytics and machine learning.

Software Consulting Services

The path to driving value out of your enterprise data is not always a clear one.v Our team is made up of veteran software developers, architects, business analysts and consultants who work with our clients to build operational big data strategies and execution plans.

Project Management Services

Our Big Data team has managed multi-million dollar software projects for some of the world's largest companies. Our collaborative, agile approach to project management ensures that your software projects are completed on-time and under budget

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