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OpenStack is world’s leading Open Source project that provides users with a framework and the components to build an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud. OpenStack provides the elastic, readily available cloud infrastructure required to automate your IT department, provide developers with a “greenfield” platform and transform the delivery of network services.

While adoption has been increasing over the past few years, one thing still remains — OpenStack is not a product that can be consumed effectively out of the box. There are hundreds of questions that need to be answered to maximize an investment in OpenStack. Some of these are?

  • What business value am I looking to derive out of this investment?
  • What is my initial use case?
  • What are my technical requirements?
  • Is my team ready to support an internal cloud platform?

With all of this said, one thing is clear. Success in OpenStacks starts with the right partnership. MOBIA has been working with our customers to architect, build and run OpenStack clouds at scale for the past 3 years. Our cloud consultants understand the business case for OpenStack, the right questions to ask, and what is needed to implement an OpenStack solution successfully.

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