Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is the latest trend in service provider networking that has completely transformed the way in which network functions are orchestrated, deployed and managed. Supported by enabling technology like Software Defined Networking (SDN,) NFV allows service providers to transform their networks into efficient, self-service, revenue generating ecosystems.

Successful adoption of NFV requires service providers to transform the way that they typically go-to-market – from product development to sales to end-to-end support. This can be painful for large organizations that operate in silos.

MOBIA was an early adopter of NFV and SDN technologies, having worked on some of world’s largest deployments. Our telecom and cloud professionals understand the technical and business questions that need to be answered prior to undertaking such large, transformational projects:

  • Who are your competitors? (Netflix & Google, or other telcos?)
  • What is your current cost of delivering X service?
  • How long is your product development cycle?
  • How can NFV become a part of your internal technology strategy?

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