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Learn how MOBIA's 5 practice areas converge to address all of the elements of end-to-end IoT solutions from edge to core, connectivity to analytic,s and everything in between

Exceptional Outcome for the Industrial Internet of Things

A Game Changer for Industry

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling digital transformation across nearly every vertical, providing enterprises with insights into their business that they’ve never had before. Industrial IoT will change the way that humans, machinery, and computer systems interact, fostering a new era of economic growth.

MOBIA builds custom and turnkey IoT applications on top of flexible, scalable cloud platforms that connect industrial assets to collect and analyze data and deliver real-time insights for optimizing industrial infrastructure and operations and operations.

Our Expertise

For well over a decade MOBIA has been building and integrating enterprise systems from the edge to the data centre for customers accross the Healthcare, Service Provider, Utilities, Government and Aviations verticals. As a result we’ve come to understand the unique technical challenges that each of these industries face.

Applying our experience to the Industrial IoT

Over the past year we have been investing heavily in the Industrial IoT, solidifying key partnerships with the likes of General Electric (GE) Digital – the creators of Predix – the cloud platform for the Industrial Internet. Together with GE, we are enabling the successful adoption of Industrial IoT solutions.

What we do

No two organizations are alike. As a result, no two IoT solutions should be. We take a unique consulting-focused approach to building IoT solutions, beginning with helping our customers understand which IoT use cases will create the most value for their organizations. Our suite of IoT services is designed to deliver solutions that provide the fastest time to value.

IoT App Building

We build vertically focused IoT applications that ingest, analyze and provide valuable insights into our customer’s industrial assets

Systems Integration

We integrate leading edge IoT solutions into existing, critical business systems so that our clients can realize the full potential of their IoT investments


We work with line of business to understand the potential business value of implementing IoT solutions. We provide use-case development services, technical architecture services as well as Proof of Concepts (PoC)


Real-time location services, Inventory and Material Tracking, Real-time Asset Monitoring


Smart Grid technologies, Real-time Asset Monitoring, Single Screen Operator View,


Smart Cities, Real-time Asset Monitoring, Transportation, Municipal Services


Asset Maintenance Intelligence, Connected Service Parts Management

Our Approach

We’ve created a consulting-focused methodology for building Industrial IoT solutions that provide the fastest time-to-value. Our approach begins with analyzing the business case for IoT adoption – the most important aspect of any engagement. From there we work with our customers to understand the technical and functional requirements, the architecture and design and apply our findings to a pilot or PoC. 

Our team applies agile project management methodologies to these engagements with the ultimate goal of accelerating time-to-value for our customers.

1. Use-Case Development

Successful IoT project start with a well defined use-case, backed by a strong ROI. Our IoT consultants will spend time with members of your team to whiteboard, discuss, strategize and document potential IoT use cases and the corresponding business value of those use cases.

3. Architecture and Design

Our IoT consultants will translate the technical and user requirements into a modern, robust technical architecture that will facilitate scale

2. Requirements and ROI Analysis

We will work with you to map your IoT use-case to specific technical and user requirements. We will also spend time to better understand the business case.

4. Pilot

MOBIA will work with your team to deploy the proposed architecture for an initial pilot project. MOBIA will leverage our IoT Framework that we have architected to build customized IoT solutions for our clients.

Technology Stack

Flexible IoT Architecture

Rather than dictating technology decisions to our clients, we have worked to build a flexible framework for building IoT solutions. Every component of the technology stack is modular from the hosting of services all the way to the types of database technologies that we use. This enables us to build solutions that are tailored to our clients requirements.

Big Data Ready

The foundation of any IoT business case is  directly related to the amount of data that can be collected, operationalized and analyzed. Every element of our IoT stack is designed to enable data-driven business value out of your IoT investment.


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GE Digital Alliance Partner

GE Digital Alliance Program is an industry first, dedicated to building the digital industrial ecosystem across global systems integrators, independent software vendors, telecommunications service providers and technology providers.

MOBIA is the first Canadian company to obtain both the System Integrator (SI Consulting) and Reseller partnership status. Together, MOBIA and GE Digital work with industrial customers to drive measurable business benefits and insights from the data generated by thousands of connected devices.


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