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Modernize your data centre with the latest in software defined technologies

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Converged Infrastructure, sounds simple, but with simplicity comes complexity.  With the Converged and Hyper Converged Infrastructure solutions evolving very fast businesses have to embrace these new architectures and solutions that align to your business.  How does CI fit in with my current IT architecture, network, servers, storage, applications and security strategy, everything seems to be standalone?  How do I manage it are key questions customers are struggling with.  Mobia Technology Innovations can help customers plan an approach to CI and HCI taking the uncertainty out how to build a successful plan for bring CI and HCI in to the Data Centre.

Software Defined Data Centre

Transform to the new style of IT, managing your infrastructure as code for more scale, performance and efficiency

Hybrid Architectures

Integrate your cloud-based workloads with your traditional infrastructure for a total Hybrid startegy

Infrastructure Modernization

Breathe new life into your applications with the latest in data centre technology for gains performance and TCO

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)

Manage your infrastructure more intelligently and gain real business insights into your information systems

HPE Pinnacle Partner

MOBIA has been selected as a strategic go-to-market partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in recognition of excellence in architecting and delivering end-to-end HPE solutions


Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Organizations need to ensure that their network infrastructure supports their business goals and strategies as well as adapt to emerging trends and technologies. Therefore there is continued demand to develop a technological roadmap for the network to keep it up-to-date, efficient, and capable of supporting mission critical services.

MOBIA has the extensive technical expertise and the ideal blend of vendor partnerships that allows it to offer organizations support in assessing their technological needs, develop roadmaps, and implement the technical solutions that align with the organizations’ goals. Using the converged infrastructure approach, MOBIA ensures that the complexities and interactions of various technologies are considered and delivers solutions that integrate the network, storage and server infrastructures.

Data Centre Architecture Services

Moving or building new data centres can be a daunting task. MOBIA has been architecting Data Centre solutions for the past decade, partnering with our customers to understand all of the elements of a Data Centre build.

Automation and Orchestration Solutions

Modern Data Centre technology has enabled us to manage our information systems unlike ever before. MOBIA's Data Centre specialists design and implement automation and orchestration solutions that drive operational efficiency that immediately impact the bottom line.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) Solutions

The days of physically patching networks is behind us. Today's networking technology allows us to automate and orchestrate networking infrastructure at the speed of the cloud. MOBIA has architected and deployed SDN solutions that scale the business of our customers

Wireless Networking Solutions

MOBIA has built a pedigree on designing and implementing wireless networking solutions in multi-site, mission critical environments for tens of thousands of users. It is our experience and expertise in this field, that has positioned us as a market leader in the wireless space.

Backup and Recovery Solutions

File level backups, multi-site recovery, or cloud-based solution. Architeting a modern backup and recovery strategy that meets your business requirements isn't easy. Luckily, MOBIA's professionals have years of experience designing solutions that keep mission critical systems running 24/7

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