Infrastructure Solutions

Modernize your data centre with the latest in software defined technologies


IT Transformations start with Infrastructure

The foundation of any IT transformation begins with MOBIA’s Infrastructure Solutions (IS). We have a proven expertise in networks, servers, and storage options tailored to deliver solutions for your data center or hybrid cloud needs.

At MOBIA, we deliver flexible and practical solutions that leverage our customer’s opportunities while addressing their constraints and challenges. Our IS team offers solutions across hardware, software, and professional services because we understand more than just the hardware required for a project. We can help implement and operate the right technologies to suit your business needs.


Our Approach

Our IS team is composed of senior consultants and technical experts who have a proven expertise in legacy and cutting-edge technologies. We have the experience of knowing which hardware options are required for a project, how they should be implemented, the software solutions that can enable and empower these technologies, and the professional services required to understand and fulfill the needs of your business. We offer solutions from the beginning of a project, until the end.

We deliver exceptional outcomes because of our unique approach to solving problems. At MOBIA, we wrap our solutions around the needs of our customers. We never wrap what our customer needs around the solutions we offer. For this reason, when our customer comes to us with a problem, we will discover the solution that best suits their needs; even if it currently lies outside the scope of what we do. Our process of finding these solutions is through our services in consulting, assessment, architecture and design, implementation, and the operation of a project beyond its delivery.



Infrastructure Solutions

We offer an array of solutions, all tailored to the needs of our customers. Some of these solutions include:

Data Centre Modernization

Automation and Orchestration

Software Defined Networking

Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud

Wireless and Wireline Networking

Backup and Recovery


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