The safety of your organization’s networks, computers, and data centers starts by enabling Cybersecurity

Enabling Cybersecurity

MOBIA’s cybersecurity team deploys the security measures you need to protect your networks, computers, programs, data, and people. We deliver practical solutions that are tailored to our client’s business objectives. We are your team of technical experts and senior consultants that will advise and implement the security measures your business needs to prevent damage, unauthorized access, and attack.


Our Approach

At MOBIA, we integrate cybersecurity from the inside out; for our products, services, and for our customers. We believe that cybersecurity should never be an afterthought. This is why we integrate cybersecurity measures from the beginning of a project, until the end. Our senior consultants understand cybersecurity. We know how to implement effective and practical solutions that will insure the protection of your organization. Here’s how:

Discover Current Posture

  • What type of cybersecurity measures or technologies do you have in place? Are they effectively protecting your business?

Identify Risks

  • With your current cybersecurity posture, what kind of vulnerabilities are present? What are the risks of these vulnerabilities?

Execute an Effective Roadmap

  • Augmenting your cybersecurity posture to address the identified risks. This could mean rearchitecting or refactoring the security measures you currently have or implementing new cybersecurity measures to insure your protection.


Integrated Solutions

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique constraints, challenges, and opportunities. Our first priority is your success; we will implement the solutions that will help you reach your goals. At MOBIA, we implement Cybersecurity solutions for non-technical businesses and for organizations with IT experts. The following are some of the solutions we offer:

Data Protection Services

o Mail and Web Protection
o Server and Endpoint Protection
o Endpoint and Data Encryption
o Mobile Device Management
o Cloud and Mobile Security

Identity and Access Management

o Privileged Identity Management
o Privileged Session Management
o Multi-Factor Authentication

Security Architecture Assessments and Roadmaps

o Next Generation Firewalls
o Network Access Controllers
o Intrusion Prevention Systems
o Security Information and Event Management Systems
o Desktop and Application Virtualization

IoT Security Testing Services

o Device Discovery
o Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
o Penetration Testing Services
o Design and Implementation of Security Controls

Compliance Auditing Services

o Network Security Audits
o Vulnerability Assessment Services
o Penetration Testing Services

Data Loss Prevention Services

o Detect data breaches
o Intrusion Prevention Systems
o Next Generation Firewalls

Operational Technology Security

o Monitor or control devices and processes
o Initiate state changes to OT systems
o Protect information and assets

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