Business Units

Over 30 Years of Proven Expertise

Business Units

At MOBIA, we showcase our broad expertise through 5 interconnected business units specializing in Business Process Optimization, Digital Transformation Services, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Solutions, and Managed Services. Through collaboration with our clients, technology partners, and interconnected business units, we deliver solutions that fulfill a project from the beginning to end. That’s our 360° approach.

Your IT transformation starts with MOBIA.

Business Process Optimization

The foundation of MOBIA was built upon our Business Process Optimization (BPO) business unit because of its dedication towards thoughtful innovation and adoption of new methodologies. We work closely with our clients to develop a trusted advisor relationship, so we can deliver solutions that suit their best interests. We are proud to deliver these solutions through our three branches of BPO: professional services, product pre-assembly, and field installation services.

Our professional services branch is led by a team of industry veterans who understand the challenges, opportunities, and resources required to complete a project or operate a business process for you. We have over three decades of experience in consulting, assessment, engineering, design, and implementation. Through our proven expertise within the industry, we offer end to end solutions that are both time efficient and cost effective.

MOBIA’s product pre-assembly services is changing the way equipment is prepared for installation in the field. Pre-assembling the equipment in a controlled warehouse environment is more efficient and cost effective than assembling in the field.

Our field installation services will insure that the equipment is installed quickly and reliably following accepted industry standards.

Digital Transformation Services

We reimagine the art of the possible. We embrace the disruption technology brings; how it advances industries, transforms businesses, and positively impacts our communities. This can only be achieved through thoughtful innovation. Ultimately, innovation is driven through the adoption of new technologies, and people who embrace the impact of Digital Transformations. However, thoughtful innovation is achieved by understanding legacy and cutting-edge technologies and knowing how and when these technologies should be implemented.

Our digital transformation division is a senior team of consultants and technical experts, coupled with the best and brightest minds (in the faculty of computer science) from local universities. Through our dynamic team, we deliver innovative and exceptional solutions. We have the expertise and experience to digitally transform your business. Let’s lead the disruption.


The safety of your organization’s networks, computers, and data centers starts by enabling Cybersecurity. Our Cybersecurity team has expertise in areas such as: next generation firewalls, network access controllers, intrusion prevention systems, security information and event management systems, data loss prevention tools, compliance auditing services, and IoT security testing services.

We are your team of senior consultants and technical experts who will deploy the security measures you need. Your security is of the utmost importance.

Infrastructure Solutions

The world of IT is rapidly evolving and influencing change in industries, businesses, and the technologies we use. The very infrastructure of this industry is changing, including its networks, servers, and storage options. It’s a continuous challenge to decipher which hardware option or software solution is best for your business, which is where MOBIA’s Infrastructure Solutions becomes essential.

We are an experienced team of technical experts and consultants. We work closely with our clients to identify their challenges, constraints, and opportunities. With this information, we deliver infrastructure solutions that prioritize our client’s opportunities and success. Our team of senior consultants will help with the assessment, architecture and design, implementation, and operation of our end to end solutions.

MOBIA’s infrastructure team has a proven expertise in deploying solutions for: hybrid cloud, automation and orchestration, backup and recovery, software defined networks, and wireless and wireline networks.

Managed Services

In an increasingly digitized world, businesses must take advantage of the agility, flexibility, and opportunity that IT transformations enable. The adoption of increasingly complex technology causes disruption in organizations and requires continuous maintenance to be the most effective. Managed Services are a means of maintaining technology without requiring expensive and skilled inhouse staff.

Our Managed Services team are experts in the IT industry and practice the latest industry standards. We work with our customers to manage technology solutions such as, backup and recovery, firewalls, servers, networks, and corporate desktops. With detailed reports to guarantee transparency, you can trust that your business is safeguarded and continuously improved.