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Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the pioneer and leading provider of API-driven, public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS.) AWS offers hundreds of interconnected services and a global footprint that allow businesses to leverage the same web-scale resources that companies like Netflix, AirBnB, GE and Pfizer use.

Public Cloud providers like AWS, allow companies to reduce their investment in managing physical infrastructure and data centres, and reallocate those resources to higher value activities like DevOps, automation and orchestration that directly effect the bottom line.

Moving to the public cloud does not come without its challenges. The software-defined nature of AWS introduces a steep new learning curve and a new way of managing infrastructure that can impede cloud project progress. There are several new questions that many organizations have never had to answer before, like:

  • What are the business priorities (i.e., the relative importance of applications)?
  • What can we expect the costs and benefits to be?
  • How do we quantify the benefits of cloud migration?
  • How do we prioritize workload migration?
  • Where is the “low-hanging” fruit?

Success in AWS starts with the right partnership. MOBIA is a leader in public cloud technologies and a partner of AWS. Our cloud consultants understand the business case for moving to the public cloud, the right questions to ask, and what is needed to implement an AWS solutions successfully.

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